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Pitch to win and level-up your agency.

Augment Your Creative Team // Win Bigger Clients  // Grow Your Agency

Most pitches are lost based on a lack of resources, contributing to subpar creative work. But, with a collaborative team of experienced creatives (who have worked with world-famous ad shops), you'll be able to maintain your usual day-to-day output and know you're pitching to win!

So, how's it work?


1. Schedule a chat.
Grab a quick 20 minute time slot to discuss the scope of your agency's pitch project.

2. Collaborate with your curated team.
Once your creative team is selected, we're ready to work hard along side your agency to create the kind of work you'd only expect to get from world famous ad-shops.

3. Pitch to win!
After some long nights, lots of huddles and big breakthroughs your agency is equipped to win the day and the new business pitch.

Raygun Design



"It’s always nice to augment my team with the pedigree of talent and experience that Brian has to offer. With him comes a unique dichotomy of agency professionalism and scrappy instinct that insists on diving deeper than clients expect. From the start, he’ll seamlessly become a part of your internal team and represent the interests of your agency as you engage with your clients. Essentially, Brian is that pinch hitter that’s capable of knocking it out of the park.”

-Garrett Curry | Principle, Owner (Raygun Design)



Nissan // Orkin Pest Control // Suave for Men // Dove Men + Care // Pull-Ups // Mott's // GameStop // American Express // Walmart // UPS // Chamberlain University // AAA

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